Some documentaries


Natural Disorder (Moving Documentary, 2015)

Willen is kunnen (Chicken Skin Video, 1995)

A Passion for Freedom: The Birth of Independent Living (California State Independent Living Council, 2009)

Don’t Hurry Past (Fritz Spiess, 1954)

The Last Taboo: A Documentary (Alexander Freeman, 2013)

Disabled and Looking for Love (BBC, 2006)

Letting Go (October Films, 2012)

“Up/Down” Bipolar Disorder Documentary (Kyle Gehring, 2011)

Atemlos – Reportage über Ferdinand Schiessl (Martina Morawietz, 1996)

A Subtle Movement of Air (Art O’Briain, 2009)

We won’t drop the baby (Parents with Cerebral Palsy – Documentary) (BBC, 2012)