Botoxed to be

Could we see your soul
Hear it through the 5.1
The pain of raw rock and roll
Feeling you’re done

Just sing along

Aching instead of aging
No limits to score
Rebuilt me once more
I’m on the way – so beautiful they say

But constantly under construction

Screaming the despair and desire
Sweating the archetypical fear
You neglect to care and admire
Every breath you inhale

You’re not looking like you, even not looking alive
Provide the illusion, paralyse your life
Rock the botox inside – Sing along the toxic vibe

This is not my body – I deny it is me
This is not what I should be – Too obvious to see
Just repair how I appear
Inject the cure for my fear
And provide the ease to accept myself

You are anything except yourself
The lack of you omnipresent
Botoxed to be
You’re just too botoxed to be