Escape to Paris

Remember your escape to Paris
In the heat of young independent statements
Steep parking lots, dangerous sun
It almost got killed you
But we rolled through that moments
As if we toughly were used to

You didn’t stay where they put you
They all worshipped you beyond
You’d had laughed for a second – until it fades
Being buried under the heroic grace

You were edging everyone in the political ring
Self-consciously showing yourself off
With tossing more ambitions than you could bear
Would you take my hand
Let’s roll together for a few moments
To see where you didn’t strand

You didn’t end where your heart stopped
Your voice remained even without breath
Telling me to reach for what we’d die for – until it fades
Living is the legacy beyond death

Do you flirt with the angels they sent you to
Do you miss the rumour of the political discourse
Do you miss the stock market, its free fall of today
Do you still think we travelled the right way

You didn’t stop where your heart did end
It’s still pumping somewhere inside
We’re living the legacy of you my friend
Living the legacy of you my friend
The legacy of you my friend